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On August 10-12, 2017, Christian artists and art enthusiasts from across the U.S. convened to discover if and how Christendom ought to relate to the visual arts. These attendees left inspired, empowered, and challenged to be culture changers in this neglected sphere of influence. It’s been said that history is made by small, dedicated minorities. Our prayer is that our small, diverse, and energized Reforming Arts Conference community will walk boldly and humbly, inspiring one another and the world around them to create and support God-honoring art.


This conference is hosted by
The New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy: Advancing the Kingdom of Christ through Scholarship, Leadership, and Action
2017 Reforming Arts Conference Sessions

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The First Reforming Arts Conference

at the lovely Appomattox Inn and Suites


($100.00 Registration Fee for Walk-Ins – No registrations after 10:00 am Friday, Aug 11th)

Thursday-Saturday, August 10-12, 2017

in Appomattox, Virginia

About the Reforming Arts Conference

The Reforming Arts Conference is especially designed to help educate, empower and inspire Christian art enthusiasts. It is vital that Christians discover what God has to say about the arts, and the great need and influence the arts have upon a culture.

Although ‘the arts’ encompasses everything from 2-dimensional gallery work to pottery, photography, film-making, literary arts, performing arts and music, this conference will highlight the visual arts. This conference is not only directed to the artist himself, but also to anyone who views, purchases, or simply enjoys it. That includes everyone!

Christians must realize the value and importance of the creative world of the arts as God has intended, whether they produce it or support it in some way.

Be informed and encouraged by attending the first Reforming Arts Conference in Appomattox, Virginia, Thursday – Saturday, August 10th -12th , 2017! The conference will begin with registration on Thursday evening at 6:30 and officially end after the luncheon on Saturday.

Lecture Topics Will Include

– What is Art?
– Biblical Examples of Art
– Profile of a Christian Artist’s Life and Influence
– Analyzing Beautiful, Good Art (Critiquing)
– Honoring God through Your Art
– Supporting the Arts to Flourish the Church
– Also, two hands-on workshops will be offered and a fellowship luncheon!

Exclusive to Conference Attendees

Aside from the great lecture topics mentioned above, those who register and attend the conference will also have the opportunity to:

– Display and sell your work at the conference
– Attend an open house fellowship at the New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy

Register Today!




Overnight Accommodations:

There are numerous hotels in the nearby city of Lynchburg, Virginia, however, the conference has blocked rooms at the following hotels. Book now and receive a discounted rate!

The Appomattox Inn & Suites

447 Old Courthouse Rd, Appomattox

434-2018 or 664-2037

109.00/night – includes breakfast & has bar and snack foods


3620 Candlers Mt Rd, Lynchburg

27 miles
$85.00/night – includes breakfast

Post-Conference Reception

The New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy would like to invite everyone who attends the conference to an evening of fellowship, including a tour of their in-house research library, after the conference on Saturday evening at their facility located at 222 Harrell Street in downtown Appomattox.






2017 Speakers

Our speakers share from a uniquely biblical worldview


Pastor, Theologian, Writer, Lecturer

Founder & Dean of the New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy; Pastor of Reformed Bible Church, VA; Writer, Lecturer and CEO of the Institute for Theonomic Reformation
LECTURE TOPIC: Artistic Symbolism Displayed in the Tabernacle in the Wilderness


    Art Educator

    Art Instructor for Home Educators and Community; Registrar and Instructor at New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy; Creator of the Bezaleel Art Project
    LECTURE TOPICS: What is Art? and
    A Profile of Albrecht Durer


      Artist at The Breezy Tulip Studio

      Nurturing children with beauty, goodness and truth as it is only found in God’s Word is at the core of Breezy’s vision for her art. She shares a home studio with her sister, Emily Rose.
      LECTURE TOPIC: Artist & Craftsman: Turning Your Passion Into Service
      WORKSHOP: Techniques with Watercolors

        WM & JOY SMITH III

        Designers and Entrepreneurs

        Husband and wife team advocating cultural reform with design principles and practical theology.
        LECTURE TOPIC: Systematic Creativity


          Promoter of the Arts for the Christian Church

          Author; Poet; Musician; Co-Founder of Renew the Arts, Inc.
          LECTURE TOPIC: Unmuzzling Our Artistic Ox for the Flourishing of the Church

            RUSTY HEIN


            WORKSHOP: Working with Charcoal – Drawing What You See, Not What You Think You See

              Overview of Schedule

              Scroll down for schedule details

              At the opening evening of the conference, Thursday, August 10th , attendees will receive their ID tags and information packets between 6:30 and 7:30. This time will be a meet and greet time of fellowship until the opening comments and lecture about the basic principles of ART as defined in the Bible, which will begin at 7:30. Light snacks will be served.

              Friday, will be filled with five lectures, beginning at 9:00am. Break times for networking, as well as an art exhibition will continue throughout the day. Lecture themes will include things such as; How Visual Images were used by God in the Tabernacle in the wilderness, Thoughts on Combating the Worldliness of the ‘Art World’, Examples of Christian Artists and Their Influence in the World, Tips on Fostering Personal Businesses as a Christian, and other stimulating talks.

              On Saturday there will be two hands-on workshops for attendees to enjoy, followed by a luncheon fellowship and final comments including a “Q & A” time. The art exhibit will also be held on Saturday until the end of the conference.

              Anyone is welcome to observe the Saturday Workshops, however, there is limited seating for actual hands-on participation. Those who wish to be part of the ‘hands-on’ in a workshop must sign up when registering for the Conference, and must be 12 yrs old or over.

              On Saturday evening, after the conference, the New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy is opening its doors to invite the Conference attendees to an Open House of music, food and a tour of its Research Library facility between 6 and 8pm. The New Geneva is located about 5 minutes (driving) from the hotel where the Conference is being held.

              For more information, you can call 434-664- 8211

              It seems that anything and everything in our day is valued as "art". The arts are very subjective, but should they be? God allows great creative latitude concerning wonder and imagination, but through His Holy Word He also teaches us what real art is, including how and why to produce it. This lecture explores fundamental Biblical principles, definitions and examples relating to the arts which all Christians must adhere to if they truly seek to honor their Creator.

              Jane Raymond

              In this lecture, Rev. Dr. Paul Michael Raymond takes you on a tour through the Temple in the wilderness in which God, through His people, constructs beautiful artistry as a communication tool. Through artistic symbolism, God manifests theological truths about Himself, the promised Messiah, and the Gospel in general.

              PAUL RAYMOND

              The Church has traditionally treated her prophet artists as ministers of the gospel and have supported them as such. They understood that art is central to right and excellent worship, and even central to the communication of God’s Word. Revival in the church always included the revival of the arts. The situation now is no different: if the church is going to flourish she must recognize the vital importance of the arts and support it. This lecture will cover some introductory and practical ways the church can begin to unmuzzle her artistic oxen.

              MICHAEL MINKOFF

              Albrecht Durer, a German artist, sometimes known as "The Artist of the Reformation", was a young contemporary to Martin Luther. This lecture highlights his faithfulness to God as a gifted artist during a time of cultural religious change and uncertainties. The impact his work and character had on the world around him continues even in our day.

              JANE RAYMOND

              Will and Bethany will introduce some of the concepts they use to build a systematic approach to developing creativity.

              Wm & Bethany Smith

              In this presentation, Breezy talks about the journey of being an artist and becoming a craftsman. She'll cover the importance of your sketchbook, relationships, sharing your art, and tools for using your art for the good of others.

              Breezy Brookshire

              Join Breezy in this watercolor workshop where she will walk you through several painting techniques you can use on your own visual work, while encouraging the appreciation of art in general. You'll get a hands-on experience and come away with a landscape painting.

              Breezy Brookshire

              After a quick introduction to the materials involved, you will learn the steps to completing a basic charcoal drawing such as: laying out a design to fit the size of your paper; making an initial sketch with loose vine charcoal; tightening up and detailing; shadowing & highlighting for a 3-d appearance. Charcoal can be messy, but won't stain. You may choose to wear an old t-shirt.

              Rusty Hein

              Special evening event for those attending conference will be detailed at conference.
              Reforming Arts Conference Reception

              New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy reception and tour of research library

              Display and Sell Your Art at the Conference!

              Sign up Soon!


              The Reforming Arts Conference reserves the right to review all work that artists submit for exhibition at The Reforming Arts Conference.

              Artists who are interested in displaying and/or selling their work at the conference must send an attachment of a copy of their work to The art will be reviewed by the Conference panel based on the philosophy and overall theme of the Conference, which is as follows:

              – The Reforming Arts Conference endeavors to reflect and honor our Creator, the True Master Artist. In order to accomplish this, Christian artists should strive for truth, beauty, good workmanship, and integrity in their work as exampled in the Word of God

              – Whether an image displays a sad or joyful subject, Christian art should somehow motivate Biblical thought, which may include concepts of joy, hope, redemption, love, mercy, truth, and the like. This does not negate imagination. A respect and love for God may be represented through an imaginative idea. It may promote stimulating thought, or merely joy of heart through humor or satire.

              – The promotion of superstitious beliefs, witchcraft, or false religious practices should not be emulated. Also, subjects that are grossly (wrongly, untruthful, distasteful…) shocking, sexually suggestive or in poor taste do not fit the standards of the Conference.

              – Any art to be considered for display at the Conference must be sent through email attachment with its title, medium and price, if the artists wishes to sell it. The Board will inform the artist and register the work if it is accepted.



              Any type of medium used on a 2-dimensional surface is accepted: oil, watercolor, acrylic, pencil, charcoal, multi-mediums, decoupage, collage, photography, etc.

              Prepping of Art Work

              Work that is displayed at the conference must be ‘ready for hanging’. The work must be on a canvas or properly secured in a frame (with mat and/or glass if needed) and wire on back for hanging.

              Displaying of Art

              Art pieces will be displayed in the lobby of the conference center hotel. Artists will be responsible for bringing an easel (floor or table-top) to display their work. The type of display needed for the artist will be discussed at time artwork is registered.

              Summary Card

              The artist will receive a Conference Art Information Card that they will use for information about their work. In addition to title of work, artist name, etc., it would include a price if the work will be for purchase. The card will be displayed with each art piece that is associated with the conference.

              Selling Your Work

              Each artist will be responsible for his or her own art. The Conference will not be responsible for any personal sales. We highly suggest that the artists be prepared to accept payments other than cash, such as credit cards, debit, or checks. The artwork will be monitored throughout the conference and secured when conference is not in session. If someone is interested in purchasing any work, the artist will be notified to make a direct sale.

              Setup and Dismantling of Art Exhibit

              Artwork may be brought the first evening of Conference between 6:00 and 7:00pm, prior to the opening of the first lecture, during the registration period OR between 8 and 9am Friday morning, before that day’s first lecture.

              NO artwork will be received after Friday morning.
              DO NOT SEND any original artwork to the conference prior to your arrival.
              PLEASE NOTE: There is limited space for displaying artwork. Please limit your pieces to 1 or 2 pieces – that which can fit comfortably on an easel.
              Contact or call 434-664- 8211

              Event Tickets

              Price includes all conference activities being held at the Appomattox Inn & Suites beginning Thursday evening, August 10th – Saturday’s luncheon, August 12th. It will also include the reception and tour at The New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy Saturday evening 6-8:00pm.

              When: August 10-12, 2017
              Where: Appomattox, VA
              Contact: 434 – 664 – 8211

              Reforming Arts Conference

                Register for The Reforming Arts Conference

                Rediscovering our purpose in the visual arts

                General Sponsors

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                Frequently Asked Questions

                Yes. The registration table will be open till 10:00am on Friday.

                ALL art that is displayed MUST be pre-registered by June 14 th . (See guidelines and rules on main page of website) The actual artwork will be received for display on Thursday evening between 6 and 7pm, and on Friday morning between 9 and 10am.

                All art considered for display will be subject to the same rules as outlined in the guidelines and rules.

                Yes. They will be made available after the Conference and will be offered through this website.

                Throughout the conference, beverages (water, coffee, tea) and light snacks such as pastries, will be available. A light luncheon including sandwiches and various salads will be served on Saturday. The hotel also has hot appetizers and other snacks, including a small bar in the lobby.

                We cannot accommodate special diets, but the food offered will include vegetables, fruits and salads as well as some deli meats and pastries.

                Yes, however, please do not bring any crock pots or other heating devices inside the conference hall.

                Children may attend, however, there are no provisions such as baby-sitting services or playrooms. Parents are fully responsible for their own children. Please be mindful of the speakers and attendees and remove children from the lecture hall if they are loud and/or unruly.

                Children under 12 years of age are free of charge. Anyone 12 and over pay full price of $50. Please note ages when registering.

                Yes. A refund will be sent to the address given when registered.

                Yes. If the registered party contacts the Reforming Arts Conference with detail, a refund will be made in cases of emergencies.

                Yes. Appomattox is noted for its history regarding the Civil War. Here are some websites you can check out:


       (Museum of the Confederacy)


       lake#general_information (camping, swimming, hiking, canoeing…)

                The best & newest hotel is the new Appomattox Inn & Suite, however, there is some very nice bed & breakfast lodging:



                We recommend if you want a hotel other than where the conference is being held, you should go to the city of Lynchburg which is a straight run, about 27 miles from the conference site. In addition to the Appomattox Inn & Suite, we have booked rooms at the Sleep Inn, but many hotels are also located in Lynchburg.

                Still Have Questions?