Art Display Guidelines

Our Philosophy

The Reforming Arts Conference reserves the right to review all work that artists submit for exhibition at
The Reforming Arts Conference.

The basic philosophy of the Reforming Arts Conference is as follows:


  • The Reforming Arts Conference endeavors to reflect and honor our Creator, the True Master Artist. In order to accomplish this, Christian artists should strive for truth, beauty, good workmanship, and integrity in their work as exampled in the Word of God.

  • Whether an image displays a sad or joyful subject, Christian art should somehow motivate Biblical thought, which may include concepts of joy, hope, redemption, love, mercy, truth, and the like. This does not negate imagination. A respect and love for God may be represented through an imaginative idea. All art must convey respect and honor to God, whether serious or satirical.

  • Images of Jesus Christ can be controversial. Whether or not such artwork will be displayed will be the discretion of the Conference Board.

  • The promotion of superstitious beliefs, witchcraft, or false religious practices should not be emulated. Also, subjects that are grossly (wrongly, untruthful, distasteful…) shocking, sexually suggestive or in poor taste do not fit the standards of the Conference.

Artists who are interested in displaying and/or selling their work at the conference must send a copy attachment of their work to no later than July 22, 2018.

Artwork must be pre-registered and pre-approved before displaying at the Reforming Arts Conference. Only 2-dimentional work can be displayed.

The artist will be notified whether or not their work has been accepted to be part of the conference display.


Any 2-dimensional surface is accepted: oil, watercolor, acrylic, pencil, charcoal, multi-mediums, decoupage, encaustics, collage, photography, etc.

Prepping and Displaying Art
The work displayed must be on a solid surface such as board or canvas, and/or properly secured in a mat or frame. The art will be displayed on table-tops, leaning against a wall. Some may be on easels. No art can be hung on hotel walls.

Information Card
The artist will receive a Conference Art Information Card when he or she arrives. The artist will fill in the information about their work (such as title, medium, price if for sale, etc.). The card will be placed next to the associated work.

Selling Your Work
Each artist will be responsible for his or her own art. Artists will not pay an extra fee for displaying their work. The Conference will not be responsible for any personal sales. Neither the Conference or the hotel will receive any surcharge by the artist if their work is sold.

We highly suggest that the artists be prepared to accept payments other than cash, such as credit cards, debit, or checks. The artwork will be monitored throughout the conference and secured when conference is not in session. If someone is interested in purchasing any work, the artist will be notified to make a direct sale.

Setup and Dismantling of Art Exhibit
Artwork may be brought the first evening of the Conference (Thursday) or before the first lecture on Friday. It will be setup in the exhibition by the Art Exhibition Coordinator. Artwork will be monitored in lobby while the conference is in session.

IF YOU SEND ORIGINAL artwork prior to your arrival, please send it directly to the place where you will be staying. The Conference will not be responsible for the transporting or handling of any original artwork.

PLEASE LIMIT art to be displayed up to 3 average pieces (about 16"x20”) due to table-top space. This allowance may be altered depending upon the actual amount of entries received.

Additional information or questions, contact or call 434-352-2667