Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions regarding registration, please refer to this link.


Can children attend this conference?
Children under 12 may attend free, however, there are no arrangements for child care.
If children would like to attend one of the Saturday workshops, they must pay for that workshop.

Can children display artwork?
Yes, but they must adhere to all the same rules as described in the Art Display Guidelines for adults.

When can I bring my artwork to display?
Refer to Rules for Exhibiting Your Art.

Can I sell my artwork?
Refer to Rules for Exhibiting Your Art.

How many pieces of art can I exhibit?
Refer to Rules for Exhibiting Your Art.

Will there be recordings of the lectures?
Yes. If you’re interested in recordings from 2017’s art conference, please visit our YouTube playlist.

What kinds of food will be available at the Conference?
A light buffet luncheon will include wraps, salads, vegetables, fruit, coffee, tea and desserts.

Are we allowed to bring our own food to the conference?
Yes, if the food is containable.
No crock pots or other heating devices please.
There is a microwave available.

If I have any changes or questions concerning the workshops on Saturday, who shall I contact?
Any questions concerning workshops can be sent through our contact form.
It will be directed to the proper person.