Reforming Arts Conference

Rediscovering Our Purpose in the Arts



Appomattox, Virginia

Appomattox Inn and Suites


Can you read the language of the arts? What is it saying to you?
What is it saying about the artist who created it?

The arts can stimulate much thought and also initiate responses more than
any other subject, because they touch on the emotions, which naturally cause reactions. They are a powerful tool God has given us to use in order to promote Truth in the world. However, it seems for the most part that the arts 'speak' everything BUT truth in our day.

As Christian art enthusiasts, we must understand the great responsibility in the power of the arts and the messages they convey. Whether art critic, curator, gallery owner, artist, buyer or seller, we must wisely consider this important tool as we endeavor to proclaim the glory and honor of God, the Creator of all things.

This year, The Reforming Arts Conference will endeavor to convey how the arts can be used to advance the Kingdom of Christ on earth. We will explore how God has used His visual artistic designs to tell the world about Truth: about Himself. We will also explore the messages of historical and present-day artists
and their work, and its impact on the world.

Be inspired by attending this year’s Reforming Arts Conference!
Discover the many ways you can be part of the creative world and wisely use
this powerful language to the glory and honor of our Lord, Jesus Christ.


Exclusive to conference attendees:

- 7 speakers, 8 lectures

- Choice of hands-on workshop to attend
(extra fee will apply if attending a workshop)

- Opportunity to display and sell your artwork

- Luncheon at end of conference

- Networking and friendships!


Art Speaks:
Biblical Principles behind the Language of the Arts

How to Hear What Art is Saying
Even when it Pretends to Say Nothing

Beginning Design:
Using Basic Art Principles to Convey a Message

Speaking Against the Status Quo:
Highlighting the Work of Norman Rockwell

The Propaganda of Art: an Historical Analysis

It’s Not “Just Acting”:
the Role of Theater in a World of Hypocrisy

2018 Speakers


Dr. Rev. Paul Michael Raymond

Pastor, Theologian, Writer, Lecturer

Founder & Dean of the New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy; Pastor of Reformed Bible Church, VA; Writer, Lecturer and CEO of the Institute for Theonomic Reformation


Jane Raymond

Art Educator

Registrar and Instructor at New Geneva
Christian Leadership Academy;
Networking and Community Classes;
Artist, Calligrapher


Will & Bethany Smith

Designers and Entrepreneurs

Husband and wife team
advocating cultural reform with
design principles and
practical theology.


Michael Minkoff

Promoter of the Arts for the Christian Church

Author; Poet; Musician;
Co-Founder of
Renew the Arts, Inc.


Jessica Sosnoski

Cofounder and Operator of
The Company of Strangers Theater

Singer, Pianist, Writer

2018 Workshops

Each attendee will have a choice of one of the following workshops
which will be held on Saturday morning between 9:30-11:30am.
Cost is separate from general registration.

rusty vine charcoal self portrait 2018

Rusty Hein

Drawing What You See, Not What You Think You See

Often when trying to draw, people draw symbols of what they think they see (there's an eye—I'd better draw an almond shape with a circle in the middle of it) rather than what is actually there. In this workshop, we will focus on connecting the movement of our eyes to the movement of our hands, in order to recreate on paper what we see in the real world. We will be working with charcoal, so you'll be getting your hands dirty—but don't worry, it washes right off. Materials supplied.

Price for workshop: $20.

Bio: Although an art enthusiast for many years prior to attending college, Rusty graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. His education there was well-rounded, but his passion became focused on charcoal renderings, in particular, portrait drawings. His talent has been recognized as noted by the commissions he has received over the years.

You can view some of his work here.


Jane Raymond

Basic Techniques

In this workshop, Jane will guide students through a basic understanding of one and two-point perspective using a simple subject of buildings. Click here to view sample.

The drawing will be finished with a light application of watercolor pencil, and then matted. Materials supplied.

Price for workshop: $15.

Bio: After receiving her degree in Graphic Arts on Long Island, NY, Jane was employed at various art studios and agencies before she eventually began her own graphic design business, in which her husband, Paul, was one of her clients... (long story...!) Growing convinced of the need to teach students a Biblical perspective of the arts, Jane has offered art classes to the community since moving to VA in 1998. Jane also offers a college level Art Philosophy course at the New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy.

You can view some of her work here.

If you are not sure about signing up for a workshop at this time you may still do so separately before the July 22nd deadline.
Email support@reformingartsconference.com to sign up later.

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